A Small Town Scenario

Red Lake, Ontario

Red Lake Ontario is a small mining town in Northern Ontario that boasts one of the richest gold mines in North America. It has a population of approximately 3500, with a catchment area of another 1500 folks. It is a vibrant growing community, with an established recreational advantage and huge ecotourism potential. It also has the only high school in the area.

But Red Lake is facing a challenge. Community stakeholders are concerned that the future of their community is in peril because a high percentage of their younger generation leave the community forever when they go on to higher education in major urban areas. The community wanted to take action to create a "level playing field", encouraging young people to return to Red Lake following their education or pursuit of life adventure.

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Roy Prevost Introduces the Program

So community leaders engaged Roy Prevost as a facilitator and strategist to devise a plan that would help the young people (grades 10, 11, 12) from the local high school create an "emotional footprint" in Red Lake prior to their departure following high school.

Roy created a two day program to get this process started, which was met with enthusiastic response from both the community leaders and the youth involved.

In this audio interview, Roy goes into detail on the strategy used in Red Lake Ontario.

Is your community experiencing a similar problem? If so, read on to learn about Roy's experience as a facilitator and coach and his program for retaining youth in small towns. Then call Roy at (604) 519-0035 or email him at roy@royprevost.com with any further questions.

What People Are Saying About Roy

Whining and complaining?

"Get over it", says Roy Prevost in his "Creating Confident Communities" presentation: a wake up call to recognize the value of your community, to focus on the positive, and to 'walk the talk'!

Thought provoking and inspiring, this is an essential presentation for communities who want to maximize their potential.

Judy Riddell, Executive Director,
Cornerstone Regional Economic Development Authority
Carlyle, Sask.

Roy, you delivered the exact message that we needed to hear!

As the saying goes, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears." Thank you for teaching and reminding us how blessed we are as a community and how we need to get that message out to all our citizens particularly the youth.

We would love to have you come back again in the near future.

Kerri Martin, Community Development Manager
City of Humboldt

His inspiring talk sure woke us up!

His common sense approach and strategies have motivated us to engage our young people in a very constructive retention process within our community.

I would highly recommend Roy's workshop to any community who needs a wake up call and a strategy to energize their younger generation.

Chester McBain, Director of Economic Development
Town of Tisdale / Kelsey Development Corporation