Service Excellence in Your Front Line Team!

Join Roy as He Demystifies Service Excellence in the Public Sector and Sets the Stage for Your Community Employees to Work as a Team, Deliver Exceptional Service, and Become Ambassadors for the Community!

Is this workshop for your team?

This workshop is for the community that is looking for ways to create a “Team” Culture  among their colleagues as well as a culture of “ Practicing Random Acts of Kindness”  with their colleagues and the citizens during this time of cutbacks and challenges.

This workshop is packed with useful tips to help create a culture of “Service” and “Contribution”

This is not simply a feel-good workshop. It is aimed at helping your employees become more pro-active, and connect to citizens in your community..

If You Want to Know The Answers to Questions Such as:

  • How can we deliver “Service Excellence”?
  • How do we help our employees gain more confidence?
  • How can we inspire and motivate our employees to do their best?
  • What language do our employees use to describe their place of work?
  • Do our employees appreciate and understand their value here?
  • How do we create an attitude change with our employees?
  • How can we build a “Team” Culture in our organization?
  • How do we transform our employees into ambassadors for the city?

Then this no-nonsense workshop is for your team. It is packed with ideas and concepts that highlight the cultural change required in the new civic environment of the 21st Century.

The  Workshop Covers the Following 4 Areas:

  1. Connection to Self
  • Am I in The Right Career?
  • Do I Love people?
  • Does My Work Give My Life Purpose?
  • Am I In a Rut?
  • Do I Understand and Appreciate My Personal Value With My Colleagues?
  • Do I Understand and Appreciate My Personal Value in This Community?
  • Do I Understand How Everyone Makes a Difference?
  • The Ten Ways To Add Value.
  • Create a Passion for Significance.
  1. ‘Core Values’ Leads To Excellence
  • What Are Our ‘Core Values?
  • Do We Live Them?
  • Do We Believe in Them?
  • Do We Leave The Citizens With a Positive Feeling About Our Civic Employees?
  1. Connection to Colleagues
  • The Importance of “Internal” Service Excellence
  • What Does Edification Mean?
  • Creating a Team Environment.
  • Getting Rid of The “Lone Ranger” Syndrome
  • How Do I Create Alliances With Other Departments?
  • How Can We Help Each Other Be Successful?
  1. Connection to Members/Guests
  • Creating Loyalty among member/guests
  • Attitude Adjustment Around Demanding Member/Guests
  • Numerous Ways to Respond to Angry Customers
  • Helpful Phrases in Dealing With Angry Citizens.
  • What Not to Say When Dealing With Challenges.
  • It’s All in How We Say It.
  • Creating Evangelists in Our Community?
  • The Seven B’s of Relationship Building
  • A Crash Course In Adding Value.
  • Connect, Connect, Connect, Connect.


The Cariboo Regional District Williams Lake BC
“Dear Roy,
On behalf of the Cariboo Regional District Directors and Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to extend to you our appreciation for the recent Customer Service Workshop which you” [Read More Here…]

City of Williams Lake
“Dear Mr. Prevost,
I wish to thank you for the excellent work you have done with your Customer Service Workshop that was offered to the City of Williams Lake” [Read More Here…]

Warren J. Coughlan
Community Recreation Co-ordinator
City of Vancouver

To whom it may concern:
As part of our staff and organization development for the city of Vancouver, we engaged Roy Prevost to deliver a series of customer service workshops to our front line employees in our Parks and Recreation Department.
[Read More Here…]

The Vancouver Parks And Recreation
“Roy Prevost presented 8- 3-hour sessions over 4 days entitled “Customer Service at the Vancouver Parks and Recreation”. The focus of the workshops was on professionalism and” [Read More Here…]


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