Workshops and Seminars

Roy Giving Seminar

Through insightful, often humorous presentations, I provide a look into the minds of the corporate retail players and their marketing strategies. I also offer tips on how small retailers can make their businesses more successful without getting into price wars; I reinforce the idea of “providing that extra service”, and provide examples of how other small businesses were succeeding by using “outrageous customer service.”

My passion for the success of small businesses and desire to share my expertise is evident throughout my seminars and workshops. From the interaction and reaction of the participants who have attended my workshop, I come highly recommended to groups and associations looking for a motivational and informative speaker; a management consultant who is an advocate of small business.

From the interaction and reaction of the participants who have attended my workshops, I feel truly blessed with the ability and talent to communicate a powerful message to group and association members.


Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating the Z gen Employees

This workshop is for the Small Business owner who is looking for ways to create a “Team” Culture among their millennial employees as well as a culture of “ Contribution and Engagement” for their customers.

This workshop is packed full of useful tips to help create a culture of “Service” and “Contribution” Find out more about this workshop.

Turbocharge Your Retail Business

Learn how to not only survive alongside big box retailers, but to prosper. This is not a slam on big box retail. It is an uplifting, positive seminar/workshop that empowers the smaller retailer to raise their standards regarding customer service and to focus on the positive elements of their business. Find out more about this workshop.

Turbocharge Your Networking Skills

In today’s over-retailed world, networking at community events and among colleagues is a critical strategy to insure survival and growth. Networking is a relatively new concept for small business owners, but when done professionally can lead to explosive growth and profitability in their business. Find out more about this workshop.

Leading Without A Title

Join me for this workshop, where I’ll share my insights into leadership and a proven, practical program to thrive in today’s changing business environment. This information is applicable to those working in both non-profit and private sector organizations. Find out more about this workshop.

How to Thrive and Survive in Lean Economic Times

Financial crisis headlines

Are you anxious about the negative news you keep hearing in the media? Do you feel that you may not be prepared for the upcoming recession? Do you feel isolated and alone as a business owner and are not quite sure where to turn? It’s time to be pro-active and meet the challenge head-on. How? By joining me for an inspiring, uplifting, 2+ hour, interactive workshop where he will share with you the important strategies that will help you recession-proof your small business. Find out more about this workshop.

Delivering Outrageous Customer Service

Learn the basics of good customer service and how to deal with difficult customers. This workshop includes an inspiring attitude-adjustment session, as well as several group brainstorming exercises.Find out more about this workshop.