Turbocharge Your Retail Business

How to outmaneuver and outperform the big guys


Love it or hate it, the big box retail world is here to stay. The trick is to learn how to not only survive alongside big box retailers, but to prosper.

If these points hit close to home:

  • you’re concerned about the survival of your business?
  • you’re fearful that the "Big Box" will steal your customers
  • you have heard about the "Big Box" retailer through rumors and innuendo
  • you are looking for ways to improve your relationships with your customers

. . . then the How To Outmaneuver and Outperform the Big Guys seminar can help.


I will de-bunk the mythology around Big Box Retail and provide you with tools and techniques to thrive in the 21st century.

Most of the seminar is in "workshop" style, and you will interact with other participants. By the end of the 2+ hours, you will have a better understanding of Big Box Retail, a new approach to your business, and a new paradigm for your small business.

This is not a slam on Big Box Retail. It is an uplifting positive seminar/workshop that empowers the smaller retailer to raise their standards regarding customer service and to focus on the positive elements of their business.

This workshop will progress through three phases:

Phase 1: A walk-through the world of Big Box Retail

  • The 3 levels of Connection
  • The "Holy Grail" of Marketing
  • A futurist look at the changing retail environment
  • Followed by a Q & A period

Phase 2: From the workbook we help the participant

  • Determine who they are and what business they are in
  • Identify their controllables and techniques to control them
  • Develop a USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Reinforce the 20/80 rule as it applies to clients and inventory

Phase 3: We focus on customer service

  • Creating "Apostles" for their business
  • Simple ways to create outrageous customer service
  • Creating "Raving Fans" of their business

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Roy’s session with our Teams re-energized them and instilled a sense of pride in doing professional work. There was a switch that was flipped for many our employees – For the first time, they saw themselves as impassioned professional sales people, doing professional work, rather than Garden Centre floor staff. Comments from the group included “Wow, I can hardly wait for my next shift, I just want to get out there and connect with our customers!

Leanne Johnson, General Manager
Gardenworks, (8 retail locations) Burnaby BC

Mr. Prevost’s down to earth and common sense approach to customer service made for a great seminar. We thoroughly enjoyed Roy’s real life stories that all had wonderful and meaningful messages. Although there were many facets of business in attendance, including retail, service and industry, they all took away something different yet important from this seminar. Read the full testimonial.

Shannon Churchill
Business Development- Communications Co-ordinator
Strathroy & District Chamber of Commerce