Leading Without A Title

Join me for an inspiring 2 hour workshop, where I’ll share my insights into leadership and a proven, practical program to thrive in today’s changing business environment. This information is applicable to those working in both non-profit and private sector organizations.

You should be there if you’re…

  • wondering whether you are being a leader or just being a pain
  • leading using outdated, old-fashioned leadership concepts
  • looking for insights on how to develop leaders from within your business
  • looking to build a team of β€˜go to’ workers
  • wanting to create the ideal environment to foster leaders in your business
  • interested in the five steps of leadership development
  • wanting to know how to identify leaders within your organization

In this workshop you’ll learn …


  • the 5 myths of leadership
  • the 5 stages of leadership development
  • the 6 ways to make your workers proud
  • the 7 demands of leadership
  • what your company’s key capabilities are
  • why you can’t fake leadership
  • how to identify leaders and help them develop their natural skills
  • The 6 signs of a natural leader


Here are some testimonials from participants of a 90 minute workshop held at the Pro Green Expo conference in Denver Colorado.

I appreciated not only (you) describing what a leader should be, but also what traits to be aware of.

Penny Hamill
City of Fort Collins CO.

You encouraged me to analyze my purpose in my work and home environment.

Greg Anderson
Singing Hills Landscape
Aurora CO

You reinforced my focus on leaders in the team, especially valuing the employee.

Lyle Fair
All Phase Landscape
Aurora Co

Thank you for focusing on the positive and for helping our industry to appreciate all of its employees.

Cyndie House
Arvada CO

You gave a very clear description of what a leader is and what a leader is not.

Dylan Hicks
Diggable Designs
Broomfield CO

This workshop provided a great deal of information and is valuable for all aspects of life and business.

Talina Teixera
Windemere Landscape & Garden Center
Steamboat Springs CO

Very up! I appreciated the discussion that how you treat folks, directly affects their performance.

Thomas Risso
Merrifield greenhouse
Buena Vista CO

Your workshop touches on the basics of leadership, which applies to my position.

Alec Longwell
Garden Thyme
Fort Collins CO

Thank you so much for your knowledge, fun and energetic presentation.

Betsy Kelson
Jared’s Inc
Littleton CO

You presented great ideas and new way to set goals, which totally relates to my position.

Ron Sanches
Aspen Valley Services
Lakewood CO

I realize some of the faults in my leadership. Now that I know these faults, I can become a much better manager.

Brian Stover
Aspen Valley Services
Lakewood CO