In the very competitive world of the hospitality industry, the need to be transparent and to manage properties based on a shared set of core values has never been more urgent. As we navigate the accelerating world of technology and manage the different generational employees, it is important to:

β€’ Identify your business core values
β€’ Manage all employees based on core values
β€’ Use the core values to get all employees and managers on the same page and moving in the same direction

Roy can help you and your team achieve this by:

β€’ Helping your team identify their core values
β€’ Providing a workshop to help your managers coach and lead your employees via their core values
β€’ Educating everyone from the room cleaners to the pool attendant to the front lobby team that each team member is an ambassador for the hotel and are instrumental in creating the ultimate β€œguest experience”

It is time to β€˜reset’ your culture and embracing a new exciting world of hospitality in the 21st century.

Danny marshall

Emma Pieto Leonado, General Manager of the Royal Hotel Group