The “Community Rejuvenator System” is a proactive positive initiative to inspire and motivate communities to bring forward their talent and unique abilities with the goal of creating a dynamic, fun, thriving engaged environment for families and businesses.


Your town is currently going through some challenges that reflect on morale and optimism among small business owners and citizens, particularly in the downtown area.
Mitigating factors often contribute to a general attitude of gloom and doom as well as a lack of imagination and new ideas on how to transform your community into a vibrant and thriving town.

The community, in general, is in need of a recalibration of spirit as well as a jolt of inspiration and enthusiasm.

The intent of this project is to provide a forum where local business owners and stakeholders can brainstorm ideas on how to jumpstart a movement to utilize your community’s many positive aspects.

Phase one

It begins with identifying and inviting 8-10 major cheerleaders/influencers/town leaders from the community and inviting them on a conference call (facilitated by Roy Prevost) with the intent of getting their 100% commitment to the project. In preparation for the call, they will be sent a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) document to be returned to Roy in advance of the call.
This call will also serve to determine a baseline of possible activities, moving forward.

Phase Two

Casting the net further afield, to the remaining stakeholders, (participants to be determined by the organizer host), we will reach out to them with an invitation to a town hall meeting c/w a separate questionnaire (based on the information gleaned from the SWOT document from Phase one) to flesh out other possible strategies and tactics to get your community moving in the right direction.

Phase Three

• The Town Hall meeting will be an inspirational evening of transformation and discovery where Roy Prevost will share ideas from other communities that have had miraculous turnarounds by bringing businesses and citizens together to create a dynamic community.
• This event will be a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop to brainstorm ideas and concepts that speak to local opportunities and unique possibilities and bring some passion and enthusiasm back to the community.

Phase Four

Post event, Roy Prevost will sit with key stakeholders and determine immediate next action steps and a future direction

Phase Five

As a follow-up strategy, Roy Prevost will offer an online business group coaching program to ensure continuity and accountability for the takeaways from the town hall meeting

A scheduled Four-day event will include the following:

Day One

Preliminary Meetings

Brainstorming session with host organizer and appropriate stakeholders (TBD by the host organizer) facilitated by Roy Prevost where the results of the surveys will be shared and discussed and the town hall event power point presentation will be finalized. Tour of the town and appropriate photos taken to be added to the evening presentation

Day Two

Taking photos of the community and creating talking points to be incorporated into the PowerPoint and assemble all the comments and photos from the day into a comprehensive presentation customized for your community

Day Three

Day or Evening

Town Hall Meeting

• The day or evening begins with a keynote by Roy Prevost who will offer an inspirational message where he shares examples of other communities who have been where they are and how they were able to rise above it all with determination and ingenuity. Length 30 minutes
• Breakout sessions of determined business owners who brainstorm and share ideas on how to revitalize their spirit and their community. Length 3:30 hours
• Determine a series of immediate actionable steps with attendees and begin to help transform the spirit and attitude of this great town

Day Four

Post Event Follow Up

• Post-event meetings with stakeholders and other community officials to critique the previous evening event and further flesh out the action steps identified by the town meeting attendees
• Set up a realistic timetable to roll out the action steps and a follow-up procedure
• Identify and interview the cheerleaders from the previous evening and re-confirm their continued commitment to the project.

6 Month Group Coaching (mandatory)
To maintain momentum:

Roy Prevost will provide a monthly group coaching call for the team leaders where we share challenges and successes as well as an accountability component to keep the program moving forward.

Here are

the deliverables

from the 4-day event…

• A team of motivated inspired cheerleaders who are ready to work and realize their dream of creating a dynamic community
• A doable list of projects and activities to immediately get the transformation of your community beginning immediately
• A clear and concise action plan to move forward rapidly with benchmarks and accountability
• A six-month online group coaching event to keep everyone on task.

This is a general overview of the “Community Rejuvenator” system and the strategy and tactics are customized to meet the objectives identified by the host/organizers. It is time to ‘light a fire’ and rekindle the spirit of your community.
Please share this information with your clients and let me know how I can help.

Roy Prevost

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Rhonda Beckman and Jacqueline Shewchuk form Red lake, Ontario share their thoughts on the value of Roy’s Community Rejuvenator program