Service Excellence

We are entering an age of complexity due to disruptive technologies and the exponential speed of ‘The internet of things’.

This can cause anxiety and bewilderment within your retail business (both at the team and member level) and regrettably, your frontline team could be the recipient of significantly more challenges from some irate and difficult customers

  • Have your members had a reset of their customer service MINDSET
  • Have your team members had formal training on how to deal with difficult customers?
  • Do they sometimes lack the confidence to engage and resolve issues with customers?
  • Are your team members well versed on strategies to mitigate challenges from irate customers?
  • Does your team know how to structure flexible ‘positive’ phrases when responding to customers in tough situations?
  • Do they have the ‘deer in the headlights’ look when confronted by unruly customers?

But first….
Who is Roy Prevost?
I am an international speaker and a PASSIONATE CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTIVIST. I have worked with many of the larger independent retailers in Canada. You can view more details about my work at

I previously presented an event for Bruce Thurston and his team at the Yorkton Co-op on instilling core values and having everyone on the same page as to the vision and delivery of customer service.

Here is what Bruce said about my workshop

“Roy, your presentation was nothing short of inspiring. You presented in a manner that was both humorous and entertaining, while still driving home our “core values” message to the entire audience. Our TEAM is made up of highly accomplished managers with years of experience, and they can be a tough audience, however, you kept their attention with your energy, style and grace. Comments from our employee group included “engaging”, inspiring” and “realistic”. Thank you for your presentation. It was stunning, insightful and fun.”

Here is what Dwayne Moncur from Twin Valley Co-op had to say

“Our staff are still talking about your presentation that took place last week, the enthusiasm continues to gain momentum. The staff can relate to your examples of poor customer service and realize now how easily we can create a great experience.

Your presentation was easy to listen to and your message did get through to the younger staff. The opportunity for staff participation was appreciated by all. It has been suggested that we have you come back in a few years, as we will have staff turnover and we will need a refresher.

I would recommend your workshop for any retailer.

Thank you again
Dwayne Moncur
General Manager
Twin Valley Co-op

Greg Gill, General Manager from Boundary Co-op offered the following:

“I wanted to again thank you for your workshops that you did for our organization.  Your direct, to the point delivery was well received by all that attended.

The workshop reinforced within our organization the need to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by going the extra mile and ensuring we offer the best customer service possible. The workshop energized all that attended and we have seen a definite improvement in our organization.

For organizations looking to give their staff a boost, and those that want to elevate the level of service they provide, I would highly recommend they seek your services.  All the best, thanks again and we would not hesitate to use your services in the future.”

I have also worked with the following Co-ops in the past to help their team improve their customer service.

Innisfail Co-op
Heritage Co-op
Rose Valley Co-op
Rocky Mountain Co-op (Twice)
North Battleford Co-op
Wetaskiwin Co-op
Winkler Co-op (3 times)
Weyburn Co-op
Olds Co-op
Yorkton Co-op
Twin Valley Co-op
Boundary Co-op
Sun Valley Co-op
Swan Valley Co-op
Dauphin Co-op
Meadowlake Co-op
Wild Rose Co-op (twice)  

I have been asked recently to create an online webinar series to deliver Customer service MINDSET training to front-line employees

I am proud to present the “Service Excellence Mindset” online webinar series
Why is this training important for our frontline employees?
If your workers have never taken formal customer service training in dealing with irate and unruly customers, they typically fall into the realm of “they don’t know what they don’t know”. This is not a put-down and in no way demeans the great work they do, however, they will receive a transformed experience and valuables tips and strategies as well as an uplifting motivational message in this webinar series

Furthermore, the fourth module on “How to deal with difficult customers” is probably the most valuable module of the entire webinar series and it will be a game changer for most service providers in your retail business.
What differentiates your “Service Excellence” Training from other Customer Service Training?
Typically, most customer service education deals with the ‘mechanics’ of customer service such as, greeting, listening to the client, being helpful, answering questions, making sure the client gets what they want and offering a graceful goodbye within your brand or culture. These mechanics are very important; however, they are diminished if the team member does not have a customer service MINDSET aligned with your team. My customer service MINDSET training is a precursor to the ‘mechanics’ training and is the fundamental piece of the service provider training.

My training focuses deeper into the MINDSET of the team member such as:

  • The importance of a positive attitude
  • The importance of gratitude in the development of their customer service MINDSET
  • Instilling their sense of personal pride
  • How to act, think and work as a professional
  • Their need to expand their empathy quotient
  • Understanding the significance of their language when communicating
  • Personal connection
  • Compassion particularly when serving different cultures and races

Who should attend this “service excellence” training?
Any team member who engages with the public on any level within your retail business. From the seasoned professional to the new part-time person who is hired for seasonal work. Everyone can glean some valuable tips on how to be better service providers. This is of particular significance for folks in the (often trying) customer service department where a robust customer service MINDSET is required when serving customers who may not arrive in the friendliest mood.

The module called, “How To Deal With Difficult Customers” educates your team members on how to deal with the irate and unruly person in an empathetic manner that allows the person to feel acknowledged and served.
Please describe the content of the “service excellence” training modules?
There are 4 modules about 20 to 25 minutes each in length
The modules offer CUSTOMER SERVICE MINDSET education such as:

  • Their customer service MINDSET that includes attitude, personal pride, empathy, compassion and professionalism
  • Their relationship with their co-workers and the importance of “Internal Service”.
  • Their relationship with their clients/members/customers and how they can enhance that connection and show empathy and compassion.
  • The multiple strategies and techniques on how to deal difficult customers

Upon completion of each module, attendees will be required to complete a simple yes/no questionnaire to ensure each attendee has given the content a serious consideration. Should the attendee fail the test, they will be required to review the module again.
Why are certain messages repeated in each module?
This is intentional and the repetition serves to reinforce critical points that help the attendee to enhance their attitude, empathy, compassion, and professionalism
Can you give more details of the content in each module?
First, each of the other three modules builds on the next.

Module one

  • Developing your attitude of gratitude
  • Identifying your personal core values
  • Understanding the power of words
  • The two required ‘character traits’ of every professional customer service activist
  • The importance of choosing your attitude
  • The understanding that your job is bigger than you think

Module two

  • The ‘Karma Effect’ in your workplace
  • The significance of the ‘Internal Customer Service’ strategy
  • The seven prerequisites on how to collaborate with your co-workers
  • Eliminating ‘the lone ranger mentality’ from your psyche

Model Three

  • The gift of a complaint
  • Creating the customer experience
  • The eight rules of great customer service

Module Four

  • We briefly cover the important points of module one and three as a reminder prior to training in this module.
  • We then challenge your team to put themselves into the ‘customer service’ MINDSET (see module one)
  • We then cover eight different challenging customer service scenarios and how to put positive language around the responses to these challenges.
  • We then present the seven steps on how to turn a challenge into an opportunity

What is the investment required for this CUSTOMER SERVICE MINDSET training?
The investment per individual attendee is $47 + GST. If you have a designated group of individuals whom you feel should attend, then I suggest you call me directly and we can arrange to get them signed up as a group
Where do we begin?
You can access the training HERE

Should you wish to view the training for evaluation purposes or if you have a group of your team members who would benefit from this training

Please contact me at or 604-519-0035 and I will answer any questions you may have and provide you a review password to get access to the training