Recruiting, Retaining and Motivating Your Z gen Employees

Team Building and Creating Ambassadors!!


Join Roy as He Demystifies The Conundrum of Hiring Z Gen and How to Keep them Motivated and Inspired in Your Business

Is this workshop for you?

This workshop is for the Small Business owner who is looking for ways to create a “Team” Culture among their Multi-generational employees as well as a culture of “ Contribution and Engagement” for their customers.

This workshop is packed full of useful tips to help create a culture of “Service” and “Contribution”

This is not simply a feel-good workshop. It is aimed at helping Z Gen employees become more pro-active, and develop better connections with your customers

If You Want to Know The Answers to Questions Such as:

  • How can we deliver “Outstanding Customer Service”?
  • How do we help our Z Gen employees gain more confidence?
  • How can we inspire and motivate our Z Gen employees to do their best?
  • What language do our employees use to describe their place of work?
  • Do our Z Gen employees appreciate and understand their value here?
  • How do we create an attitude change with our employees?
  • How can we build a “Team” Culture in our organization?
  • How do we transform our Z Gen employees into ambassadors for our business?

Then this no-nonsense workshop is for you. It’s packed with ideas and concepts that highlight the massive cultural change happening in the new business environment of the 21st Century.

The workshop covers the following 3 areas:

1. Review Of Your Leadership/Management Skills

  • Do I Love people?
  • Have I identified my personal core values?
  • Have I created a list of business core values that reflect my personal core values?
  • Have I articulated these values to my team?
  • Do I “Walk The Talk”?
  • Do I clearly understand the concept of ‘internal’ and ‘external’ customer service?
  • Do I understand how Everyone makes a difference?

2. The Future of the Z Gen Workplace

  • The Z Gen have arrived!
  • The role of your baby boomer and Millennial workers in mentoring the Z gen.
  • What does edification mean?
  • How to create a team environment.
  • Getting rid of the “Lone Ranger” syndrome.
  • How to encourage Z Gen to engage responsibly with customers through Social Media.
  • How can we help each other be successful?

3. Motivating a Z Gen Workforce

  • What Z gens value most and how to motivate them
  • How to address their need for immediate promotion and significance
  • Compensation: It’s not just about the money
  • How to create a culture of inclusion, transparency and creativity
  • How to lead by example
  • Why Z gens have a problem with ‘time-honored’ traditions
  • How to build incentive programs that motivate Z gen employees

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Contact: Roy Prevost, President

Some comments from the host and participants from the recent workshop in Dryden Ontario

Kim Blair – President Steven Blair Contracting

Mike Readman – General Manager of The Best Western Hotel and Convention Centre in Dryden

Donna Pollock – Executive Director of the Patricia Area Community Endeavours

Gary Nickle – General Manager – Wilson’s Business Solutions