Praise for the Book

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“Turbocharge Your Retail Business”


Turbocharge your Retail Business shows you exactly what you can do to increase your retail sales in any market. It is worth a fortune!”

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is a worldwide recognized business thought leader on personal development who has helped over 4 million people achieve their goals.


Roy, I have to tell you, your book was truly inspirational for me. It has changed my attitude toward my customers and I am much more conscious of how I speak, act and deal with current and prospective customers.

I am excited about sales again and meeting new clients, and that is reflected in the growth of my sales this spring.

I feel like I can sell to anyone right now, and more importantly, I am eager to share all the positive things which my company can do for our clients.

I’m always thinking of new creative things we can do to “stand apart” from our competition. Why would someone NOT deal with us?

Andrew Mulder
Renaissance Landscape Group Inc.

“This is the only book needed by the small business operator — proven advice and practical lessons on all business management tasks.”

Larry Odegard BComm MBA
CEO St. John Ambulance BC and Yukon

“Roy understands what motivates people and how independent retailers can leverage that knowledge to grow their business, engage employees and customers, and enjoy a more fulfilling life!”

Turbocharge Your Retail Business is about real life; it’s about running an independent retail business, and it’s about real solutions. This is a great book and a ‘must’ read for all entrepreneurs.”

Diane J. Brisebois
President and CEO
Retail Council of Canada

I wanted you to know that I thought your seminar was terrific, and you book was even better!! I attended the High Point seminar, and I am thrilled I did because I had no intention of stopping in, then I saw it in the calendar and something seemed to turn me on to it.

One thing I really enjoyed about the book was the spacing throughout which makes the book breathe, and gives you time to think and reflect on the points, and also write a note in the book if you like. Many times, without spacing you seem to go on and on without stopping and thinking about the points just made.

John Pagliaro

“If you’re a passionate retail entrepreneur looking for simple, down-to-earth strategies and stories that will boost your bottom line, Turbocharge Your Retail Business is for you!”

Mark Startup
President and CEO
Shelfspace – The Association for Retail Entrepreneurs

“I have finished reading your book and want to tell you that I thought it was FANTASTIC!”

“It was very well laid out and an easy read with the reference overlay. You really speak to your readers; I can really ‘hear’ you! It is informative with lots of enlightening stories and your wit makes us laugh from beginning to end. You also inject situations where you made mistakes and tell us how you corrected them. The author is human too!”

“This book is not only a good read, but an excellent reference book for the many businesses out there that are really interested in making a statement.”

Lynne Safford
Vice President of Sales

“Excellent guide for independent retailers. I personally felt inspired after reading it and I loved the cab story. It is a classic!! I have already begun implementing one of the strategies from the book.”

If you buy one business book this year, make it Turbocharge Your Retail Business!”

Grant Ohman
Vice President, Marketing
18 Karat International