How to Thrive and Survive in Lean Economic Times

Financial crisis headlines

  • Are you anxious about the negative news you keep hearing in the media?
  • Do you feel that you may not be prepared for the ongoing recession?
  • Do you feel isolated and alone as a business owner and are not quite sure where to turn?
  • Are your customers dwindling because they are fearful of the future?
  • Are your employees demoralized and fearful about their future?

It’s time to be pro-active and meet the challenge head-on.


By joining me for an inspiring, uplifting, 2+ hour, interactive workshop where I will share with you the important strategies that will help you thrive and survive in today’s challenging economy.

At this workshop, you will learn:

  • How the media is not your friend at this time in history
  • How your attitude is your most important asset
  • How your language affects your success or failure
  • How to romance your best customers
  • Strategies on how to negotiate with your banker
  • Strategies on how to negotiate with suppliers
  • How to track your best customers
  • How to get clarity in your business affairs
  • About the trap most small businesses fall into during a difficult economy
  • How the 20/80 rule takes on special significance during a down economy
  • Where β€˜outstanding customer service’ is the ultimate recession buster

You will leave this event with:

CafΓ© Waiter Serving In Coffee Shop

  • A renewed sense of optimism and confidence as an owner and manger of your business
  • A clear understanding of how to communicate a positive message to both your employees and your customers
  • A plan on how to negotiate better conditions and terms with your suppliers and bankers
  • A definite strategy on how to be counter-intuitive in all your business affairs by going against the current β€˜herd’ mentality


February 24, 2009

“Roy’s session with our Teams re-energized them and instilled a sense of pride in doing professional work. There was a switch that was flipped for many our employees – For the first time, they saw themselves as impassioned professional sales people, doing professional work, rather than Garden Centre floor staff. Comments from the group included β€œWow, I can hardly wait for my next shift, I just want to get out there and connect with our customers!”

Leanne Johnson, General Manager
Gardenworks, (8 retail locations)
Burnaby BC

Call me for a complimentary session to discuss what you can do to recession-proof your business.n