Delivering Outrageous Customer Service

Questions and Answers

How did the “Delivering Outrageous Customer Service” workshop originate?

During my many years of delivering workshops across Canada, the two most frequent requests have been “How do I deal with difficult customers?” and, “Where can I learn the basics of good customer service?” This workshop is the response to that request.

What is the “Delivering Outrageous Customer Service” workshop?

It is a 3+ hour workshop that teaches the basic fundamentals of customer service.

Café Waiter Serving In Coffee Shop

Part 1: Major Attitude Session for owners and employees (1st half hour) covering:

  • Do you love what you do?
  • Do you love people or do you belong in a cubicle?
  • Are you in a rut?
  • Are you working here until you get a REAL job?
  • Do you know how you are affecting your colleagues and your customers?
  • Are you a professional?

This portion challenges the audience to ponder their life in the “customer service” arena. It challenges the “fence sitters” to make up their mind where they should be. It can be either an exhilarating or a sobering experience depending on their attitude.

Caution: Some participants may conclude that customer service is not their cup of tea.

Part 2: Fundamentals of Customer Service

Hello, welcome to…

  1. Using and Remembering Names
  2. Making Conversation
  3. Avoiding the dreaded “May I help you?”

You don’t get a second chance to create a first impression.


  1. Making your first impression a memorable one
  2. Simple ways to “Wow” customers
  3. The K.I.S.S. strategy
  4. Intuitive body language
  5. Going from serving to helping
  6. Dealing With difficult customers
  7. How to neutralize an emotional situation
  8. Simple phrases to get the customer on your side
  9. What to say when you can’t deliver on time
  10. Closing moments of the conversation

Engineering the Customer Experience

  1. The choreography of “Wow”
  2. Where to begin?
  3. Who does it well?
  4. The power of Words!!

Part 3: Brainstorming Sessions

This is the most dynamic part of the event, and could last a full hour, since each sector group will have three problems to work on, time permitting.

  • The group is divided into like sectors ie. office employees, retail sales, inside sales, etc., with one person as the spokesperson for each group.
  • Each sector is presented with a particular customer challenge that might occur in their sphere of influence, ie. an irate customer calls into a service provider, very angry about a perceived service breakdown. The sector group get together and offer a step-by-step solution to the challenge.
  • Each sector group gets the opportunity to present to the group as a whole their input as to the solution, and then the group offers insight.

This powerful session addresses the common question “How do I handle difficult customers?” and allows everyone to contribute to the process

Who should attend this workshop?

Business owners, managers, employees (part-time and full-time), receptionists, bookkeepers… basically anyone in your business who is in contact with customers. In today’s marketplace that means practically everyone.

  • If you are a business owner or manager, it is imperative that you attend with your employees, as your presence during the attitude session and the brainstorming sessions will allow you to help your employees gain confidence in their abilities.
  • If you are a seasoned professional, then this could be a refresher course on areas you may have forgotten, and the brainstorming sessions will give you greater insights.

We all need to be reminded from time to time of the proper etiquette in dealing with customers, and this workshop reminds us how to treat our customers, and earn their loyalty.

Why should I attend this workshop?

  • You will enhance your skills and your ability to handle customer problems.
  • You will become adept at recovering customers who may have slipped through the cracks.
  • You will become a more confident person while dealing with customers.
  • You will enhance your professional ability.

If you think your team could benefit from this workshop, contact me to find out what’s involved in holding one.