Core Values: Two Evening Program

An intensive
one evening program
is also available.

First Evening

The first evening of the program is a high-level 3+ hour workshop with owners/managers, where I help you identify your own personal and business core values.

During this evening, I will:

  • Show you the significance of “managing” by example.
  • Present the 6 steps and the details of the core values process that will be covered in the second evening.
  • Help you develop a “no compromise” attitude on your core values.
  • Help you set up a communication model to insure the core values are adhered to every day.
  • Show you how to hire and fire based on your core values statement.
  • Provide you with a series of hiring interview questions that coincide with your core values (whether you’re hiring for part time or full time positions). (All attendees will receive a printed copy of these questions.)
  • Show you how to retain and motivate employees.

Second Evening

In the second 3+ hour evening, employees join the owners/managers. I will help employees identify their personal & business core values.

During this evening, I will:

  • Share with them the history of
  • Show them how they will benefit from a core values program.
  • Explain the “no compromise” directive of a “values based” company.
  • Talk about professionalism and the need to step up.
  • Give them an attitude adjustment.
  • Teach them how to develop better teamwork through their company core values.
  • Leave them inspired and motivated to move to action immediately.

Here is what you and your team will take away:

  • A renewed attitude.
  • A “meeting of the minds” that puts you all on the same page.
  • A dynamic plan for your team going forward.
  • A way to grow your business with your team.
  • Inspiration and a “take charge” attitude.

Please contact me to launch this process in your company.


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