Is it time to ‘reset’ your business and move it to the next level?

Over the past several months, in my numerous workshops, business owners (30 employees and less) were asking the following questions and offering comments such as:

1. While I realize that I desperately need to install Core Values in my business, I have no idea how to make this happen and I realize that I am probably not the right person to do this.

2. I cannot afford to bring you into my small business and launch my core values directly to my team although I realize it would be very beneficial.

3. My employees have been with me for a long time so how do I do a ‘reset’ and start over, since they may not take me seriously?

4. I am frustrated that I have reached a plateau in my business and need that extra ‘jolt’ or ‘kick in the behind’ to get me and my team enthused and motivated.

5. I realize that if I ‘continue to do what I do, I will always get what I have always got’ and that is unacceptable

I have the perfect answer for you!

I am proud to announce:


What is the “Small Business Core Values For Small Business”?

Over the past several years, I have taught this system to large retailers and hotel properties in the following manner.

I. I would meet with the general manager and his/her HR manager and I would present them with a series of core values samples and help them identify the values that resonate with them and their team

II. I would then meet with the general manager and his/her managers, where I would launch their Core Values to them and where they would sign off on their choices

III. I would then provide a 90 minute mini management training to the managers on how to manage their team via these core values which included how to handle ‘square pegs’ in their team

IV. Following that, I would then present two separate 2+ hour events where I then launch these values to all employees and insure that everyone participated in the launch (with general manager and managers present).

V. These events are a major attitude session focusing on professionalism and working as a team using their core values as a backdrop.

I realized that small business could not entertain the investment required to bring me to their business so they were essentially left out of this very important foundational piece for their business.

After several conversations with my tech team, I am proud to offer you the following program where I can deliver ‘Core Values Training’ to your team.

How does it work?

A. I send you, the business owner, 2 separate core values templates and you share with your managers and team. Together you identify the top ten values that resonate with you and your team.

B. You then send the list back to me and we have an in-depth conversation about your choices and then we have a conversation about past challenges you may have had with long term employees such as tardiness, attitude, work ethic etc… so I can very diplomatically address them in an upcoming call

C. Then I bring everyone on a Zoom call (up to 20 people). This is a video conference platform (you can view it here ). Your team can join the call through video or via telephone.

D. Over a 90 minute timeline, I then launch your core values as well as giving them a motivational and inspirational talk about professionalism and personal pride as well as the value of the Core Values

E. I can also address any nagging issues that you may have with your team because REMEMBER: I can say things you cannot say, particularly with long term employees who have acquired some bad habits.

Here is the outcome of this training:

• You set up your ‘core values’ as the foundation of your business and it will allow you to take your business to the next level.

• Your employees will have clear directions and will clearly understand what you stand for and what you expect of them.

• You will be able to manage easier by identifying the ‘square pegs’ in your business and deal with them accordingly.

• You make the hiring and de-hiring process easier when you are bringing new employees onboard

• Your team will be unified and pulling in the same direction resulting in more productivity and higher morale.

• You will have more peace of mind and this process will allow you to work “on” your business rather than ‘in’ your business

• You will become a better manager and leader by implementing your core values

Please feel free to call me at 604-519-0035 or email me at and let’s chat about beginning the ‘reset’ of your business.

Download The Pre-core Values Questionaire: [Word Doc]