About the Book

Turbocharge Your Retail Business and your Life!
Guaranteed… or your money back!


In my new 196 page book, “Turbocharge Your retail Business”, you get a collection of common sense strategies that have helped independent retailers thrive and prosper in today’s hyper competitive, fast paced world.

As a marketing consultant and customer service activist, I recount in vivid detail the good, the bad, and the ugly of customer service in both retail and other businesses. While often amusing, these stories demonstrate how easy it is to make customers feel great simply by using common sense.

The book consists of four different sections

  • 1. Turbocharge your attitude
  • 2. Turbocharge your employees
  • 3. Turbocharge your customers
  • 4. Turbocharge your business

Here is a sampling of what you will find in this very exciting book

  • The one unique simple “Welcome” strategy you can use with a new employee that makes them immediately feel a part of the team and evangelically loyal to you and your independent retail business Page 52
  • The “hiring” mantra that will save you untold pain and suffering if you decide to hire family or friends Page 53
  • The 7 steps to gently “reprimand” employees while leaving everyone with dignity and respect Page 59
  • How to “Back up” your business processes in case of a sudden departure of a key employee Page 63
  • The 6 step process to creating a brainstorming session with your employees Page 64
  • Using Pareto’s principle as it relates to your customers. This insight will change your business forever Page 74
  • The 6 differentiators that help you create your unique selling position in your community Page 79
  • The gift and the opportunity that most independent retailers dismiss that costs them very dearly Page 84
  • Learn about the “Holy Grail of Marketing” and how it can work in your independent retail business Page 125
  • A unique story on how to create the “Customer Experience” in your independent retail business Page 135
  • How you can learn from a big box retail mistake that only required common sense Page 138
  • The story of how one retailer created a unique “comparing apples to apples” strategy that set them apart from the competition in a very pricey market Page 152
  • Learn what 5 star hotels and independent retailers have in common and how it can work for you. You will be surprised! Page 166
  • The 6 step criteria that will attract customers back to your store again and again Page 185
  • The singularly important secret taken from the sports world that will provide you a rolodex of employees waiting to join your team. Page 43
  • The common sense strategy of a very successful independent business owner on how he continues to build and retain a team of hard working motivated employees Page 36
  • Roy’s “Rule of 5” that sets the groundwork for your business and your life Page 17
  • How the “Wall of Fame” in your independent business shows your ‘connection’ to your community immediately by creating massive good will. Page 182
  • The wording for a “not so subtle” sign that you can post in your retail business that delivers a message communicating your vision of quality and fair price Page 174
  • The one community service that independent retailers fail to recognize, missing out on hundreds of devoted “new” customers Page 169
  • The one “key” to profitability that most retailers overlook Page 131
  • Why do independent retailers lose customers? Page 196
  • “Free is just another word for———“ Not exactly the lyrics to the song, but you will change your attitude about “free” items after you have read this chapter – guaranteed! Page 198
  • The one “action step” that will help you determine whether a key employee is happy or looking for another opportunity Page 34
  • The 5 “expectation” standards that build morale in your independent retail business Page 46
  • Learn the “Small Hinges Swing Big Doors” philosophy that will transform the culture in your independent retail business Page 110

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