A First Nations Business Success Story

The KitsumKalum Economic Development Corporation is a First Nations Holding Company that owns several business enterprises in Terrace BC including the KitsumKalum Tempo Gas Bar. While they enjoyed some success with this operation, they also felt that they needed some help with their business culture development as well delivery of customer service.
They hired Roy Prevost to provide some processes and guidance in the area of core values, getting everyone on the same page and delivering exceptional customer service:

-He helped them identify their core values
-He taught the managers how to manage based on these core values
-He then rolled out these values to all the employees while focusing on their professionalism and team spirit as β€˜customer service superstars’
-He then offered a multitude of ideas on how to ramp up their service from offering a free small coffee to each customer who drops by and purchases fuel to free fresh muffins to select customers on a random day every week.
-He helped them create a map of monthly activity for the upcoming year with at least one major event per month


-They embraced their core values and made them transparent to everyone including their customers
-The managers were more confident and able to manage better based on these core values
-The free coffee with a fill-up was an immediate hit as well as other simple processes to differentiate themselves from the competition
-They are now able to plan ahead for future monthly promotions

These positive changes have resulted in exceptional β€˜word of mouth’ buzz on social media and in the community that resulted in an incremental increase in sales.

Colum Odonnell, the Economic Development Officer for the Kitsumkalum Economic Development Corporation

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Crystal Roberts
Kitsumkalum Tempo Gas Bar