In today’s world of big box retail stores and online shopping in a hyper-competitive marketplace, retail businesses require new strategies and tactics to succeed. If you’re wondering how to survive – and thrive – in the current economy, you have options. Before you consider dropping prices, or even closing your doors, let’s look at some alternatives.

I’m Roy Prevost, and I’ve helped hundreds of business organizations and thousands of business owners take their business to a whole new level with individual coaching, business consulting, keynote presentations and staff training.

Do you want to make a reasonable living while realizing your dream of contributing to your community and world?  Here’s how I can help:

  • Together, we’ll define and articulate your personal “core values” and, from them, identify your business “core values”.  These will be the foundation for your peace of mind and future growth, and will breathe a new level of excitement and enthusiasm into your life and workplace.
  • Then we’ll brainstorm ideas for creating “joint ventures” with both suppliers and non competitive businesses in your community.
  • I’ll encourage and inspire you to “stretch” with 90-day goals that create momentum in your business.
  • I’ll gently help you to be accountable to your highest priorities in your life and workplace.
  • I can create a custom workshop/seminar for you and your team to communicate your newly identified “values” system in an inspiring motivational tone that will bring your team together in a unified vision and commitment.
  • I can assist you with navigating the world of social media, to connect with new customers.

Whether you are a sole operator or a sizeable independent business with hundreds of employees, these tools work.  Whether you require an event for 200 team members, individual business coaching, or consulting, I’m available to help you achieve your personal and business dreams.

Imagine being able to work with a reliable coach/consultant who can actively help you increase your business substantially in 90 days  or inspire and motivate your employees. Call me at 604.519.0035 to discuss how I can be of service.

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